The New Economy

Kam Balayev's plan for a New Economy for London

I'm Kam Balayev and I’m proud to be Renew UK's candidate for London mayor. I love this city, and it's where I've made my home and built my life. As I wasn't born here, I look at the city with fresh eyes. My background plays a part in who I am too. Growing up I witnessed the horrors of conflict, war and social division. It gave me a passion to work for a better world and the place to begin is right here in London, one of the world's greatest cities. I want to heal social divisions and make London one of the best places in the world to build your life, whatever your background.

No One Left Behind

I've visited every borough across the city, and I've been inspired by so many of the people I've met. I've met people who are working hard to make a difference, often in very difficult circumstances and with little support from the Mayor or government, be that city-wide or nationally. There is too much of a gap between those who are doing very well and those who are being left behind. Some of the problems I encountered are particular to different neighbourhoods, some are city-wide, but all are rooted in the same problem. Too many of our fellow Londoners are struggling economically. 

I firmly believe that London can only be a successful city when everyone has enough income to live a decent life. 

The New Economy for London

It's one thing to identify the problem, another to find a solution, and I believe my radical plan can transform lives in the city for all of its residents. My New Economy plan is all about building a city that works for its residents, not the other way round. The Covid-19 pandemic has given us all cause to reassess how we live our lives, with our working lives, in particular, coming into sharper focus. 

Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an idea whose time has come. Cities around the world are already trialling it as a way to give everyone a real stake in society. London should be leading the way by rolling out a universal basic income for its citizens. Mayor of London should be collaborating with 10 Downing street in order to make it happen.

A London for everyone

It's getting harder to buy your first home in London, so we will offer bigger discounts for first-time buyers and look at ways we can make getting on the property ladder easier. Every senior citizen should receive free travel across London, and public transport for everyone should be made more affordable. More provision needs to be made for young people, with new youth clubs and facilities getting them off the streets and into worthwhile activities. 

A safer city

For too many people who live here, London doesn't feel like a safe city in which to live. By improving the social infrastructure and economic wellbeing of everyone, I believe we will begin to reduce levels of crime in the city. We will recruit more police and place an emphasis on neighbourhood and community policing so everyone can feel safe where they live.

A vote for Kam Balayev is a vote for a better London

Renew UK recognises that there's a hunger for real change. We want to transform the London and UK economy, to make sure that it works for everyone. A vote for me is a vote for a different kind of future for your city. It will be a London where everyone has a stake, small businesses are supported, where job and neighbourhood security will be advanced. It will be a green city, with our precious open spaces protected and expanded, and Thames biodiversity is treated like the precious asset it is. 

Too many people Londoners feel undervalued, living in unsafe neighbourhoods and frustrated at the way that Brexit and the pandemic have been handled. Our current mayor hasn't been taking a lead and it's time for a change.

Vote for a new start for our city, vote Kam Balayev and Renew UK.